What is KURGANSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY is the biggest asset? Without a doubt, is our people. That's why we go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our employees. KURGANSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY plant to take their responsibility towards employees and thier families very seriously.


The Oil industry as a whole operates under very stringent safety standards and government regulations to ensure the welfare of workers. Companies, industry associations, communities and governments are cooperating with each other to implement programs that help make the oil industry as safe as possible.


Advances in safety and technology, such as air monitoring and GPS equipment helped to improve safety in the workplace. KURGANSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY invest heavily in appropriate safety equipment, tools and the latest technology to protect workers.


Wokers in any job are exposed to many hazards, regardless of the industry or type of work. If you are working indoors or outdoors, accidents can happen. Proper training on safety and following safety rules can help to minimize accidents in the workplace. Our employees have the right to refuse unsafe work, and by law, employees are also responsible for safe work at work. Employees should also report hazards or problems with supervisors immediately.

Employers are also responsible for ensuring a safe workplace for all employees and must address potentially dangerous situations immediately. KURGANSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY regularly monitored and reviewed by the security agencies to ensure the highest safety standards and practices are met. Of the company to provide expertise or to assign security teams to implement industry safety regulations, as well as to constantly monitor, improve and develop educational programs on safety.

Security is a two-way street and is everyone's responsibility.

The tenets of transparency and openness are fundamental elements of effective management. On KURGANSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY PLANT, we strive to provide our stakeholders...

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We run our business responsibly, safely and securely, thus, consistent with our shared values of loyalty, professionalism, integrity and teamwork. This entails an active...

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What is the biggest asset of KURGANSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY? Without a doubt, it is our people. That's why we go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our employees...

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