To offset the impact of industry on air, water and land, KURGANSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY invests in programs and technologies that help to reduce the impact on the environment.

New technology has allowed our operators in the sector to reduce their emissions and fuel consumption. These improvements not only good news for the environment, but also have a positive impact on the bottom line. Solar powered pumps installed on drilling rigs and estuaries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

CO2 capture and storage technology to send this greenhouse gas back under the ground and keep it safely out of the air. In oil Sands operations, using hydraulic transport instead of trucks to get the bitumen to upgrading the installation significantly reduces the fuel used in this process.

Fugitive emissions (small leaks of natural gas from process equipment) is being discovered and tested, and the sources of emissions are rapidly and efficiently repaired.

Water plays an important role in the oil and gas industry. For example, water used to recover bitumen from oil Sands and improve the production of conventional wells.

Water use in our industry was to be controlled, licensed and regulated. Oil companies are always looking for new ways to reduce their use of fresh water, and to use more effectively water, and reuse. Approximately 90% of the water used in the Kurgan neftepererabativaushiy plant projects constantly recycling and re-use. testing of Underground water are common, especially in natural gas from coal (coal bed methane) fields.

KURGANSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY hire biologists and environmental experts to assess any risks and prevent damage. In addition, before beginning any work, archaeologists check the lease areas of activity for signs of past habitats that should be protected.

Seismic lines are cut as narrow as possible, often by hand. Seismic lines are cut unevenly, to avoid trees and ensure predators do not have a clear line of site on their prey. Trees and brush mulch to become fertilizer for new growth.

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