established in the Russian Federation for the purpose of processing the oil and producing a broad range of petroleum and petrochemical products in Russia is a fully integrated oil and gas multinational company is among the largest corporations.

As one of the custodian of the national oil and gas resources, we research, produce and deliver energy to meet the growing needs of society. The growing demand for energy is inspiring and reinforces our aim to steadily move to new solutions and to expand the boundaries towards a sustainable energy future.

We apply innovative approaches to technology which helps us to access and maximise energy sources from even the most remote and challenging environments. Our fully integrated value chain spans from exploration to marketing, logistics to technological infrastructures, with operations in several countries around the world.

Throughout our rapidly expanding network and steady growth trajectory, KURGANSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY consistently and successfully implemented various social programs, environment and community, guided by a broader framework of corporate sustainability, when doing business in a socially responsible and holistically in the interests of both current and future generations.


These statements define KURGANSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY as an organization, guiding our corporate activities and policies, setting our course for the future.


A leading Oil and Gas Multinational company of Choice


We are a business entity, oil and gas is our core business, We add value to this resource, We contribute to the welfare of the society


Our values are embedded in our culture as the Foundation of our business conduct, reflecting our sense of duty and responsibility in keeping our commitment to promoting the well-being of peoples and Nations wherever we operate.

True Corporation

Honest and upright
To strive for excellence
trust and respect each other

The tenets of transparency and openness are fundamental elements of effective management. On KURGANSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY PLANT, we strive to provide our stakeholders...

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We run our business responsibly, safely and securely, thus, consistent with our shared values of loyalty, professionalism, integrity and teamwork. This entails an active...

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What is the biggest asset of KURGANSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY? Without a doubt, it is our people. That's why we go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our employees...

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